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Pathogen Investigations

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Pathogen Investigations

DonLevy Laboratories strives to prevent microbiological issues, but when pathogen problems exist, a fast, thorough, effective resolution to the problem becomes our ultimate goal. Time is of essence when a pathogen problem exists or a recall of a food product is required. Recalls are expensive and damaging to any food company experiencing a pathogen problem. The initial goal is to define the presence of the pathogen through accurate and reliable methods. DonLevy Laboratories employs rapid DNA and PCR techniques which are extremely useful tools when initially examining the scope of a pathogen problem. The pathogen investigation will almost always require an on-site evaluation for the purpose of eradicating the presence of any pathogen in the plant.

DonLevy Laboratories is available to address pathogen issues whenever they arise. Our food safety experts can immediately begin addressing the problem and will be on-site to guide you and resolve the problem. Our commitment to our clients extends beyond our technical expertise. We are dedicated to the food industry and committed to food safety.

DonLevy Laboratories partners with our clients to prevent and resolve microbiological issues and problems.