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Sanitation Audits

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Sanitation Audits

The sanitation audit is designed to assure finished product integrity in a proactive mode. Unchecked microbial growth in the processing environment over time can lead to spoilage or pathogen problems. A sound program will verify cleaning and sanitation efficacy, aid in eliminating growth niches afforded protection during cleaning, identify compromised equipment, and provide the ability to determine the potential source of pathogens in the processing environment.

Accurate assessment of the sanitation process is needed to determine sanitation efficacy. The approach is systematic. Initially, a microbiological profile of the processing environment is generated. The audit will employ testing for indicator organisms and may include pathogens. Measures are taken to select sites that will not put finished product at risk in the event of positive findings. Once the preliminary information is available, options for corrective actions along with follow up testing can be pursued.

DonLevy Laboratories can conduct on-site sanitation audits pre-operationally and during the initiation of production. Adequate preliminary information can be generated with the initial collection of environmental samples.