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Spoilage Investigations

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Spoilage Investigations

Spoilage issues in a food plant can lead to shortened shelf life of a product and consumer complaints. The experience DonLevy Laboratories provides when investigating a spoilage issue leads to rapid identification of the problem and practical resolution. The use of microbiology with a working knowledge of the food manufacturing process systematically eliminates spoilage contaminants. Our goal is to rectify the spoilage problem and recommend programs that will ensure these contaminants do not originate from the plant or processes.

Initially, a spoilage investigation involves identification of the contaminant by microbiologically analyzing the spoiled product. Most spoilage investigations require an on-site plant visit by a member of our experienced field personnel. Environmental samples are collected for the purpose of locating the areas of the plant or process contributing to the problem. The laboratory results and plant observations are summarized with an action plan.

Our science-based proactive approach to your facilities and processes will save time and resources and protect product integrity.